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Top Job Categories

Professional & Business Services

Whether you're seeking an administrative role that keeps the office humming or a challenging engineering position that pushes boundaries, we have the perfect match for your skills and aspirations.

Explore our diverse range of opportunities:

  • Administrative Assistant: From scheduling meetings to managing databases, your organizational skills and attention to detail will be highly sought-after. Find office jobs near me that fit your experience and preferences.

  • Software Engineer: Develop innovative solutions and stay ahead of the curve. Leverage your coding expertise to land dream software engineer jobs with top companies.

  • Engineer: Design, build, and solve complex problems. Explore various engineer jobs, from civil to mechanical, and make a lasting impact on the world.

  • Accounting: Ensure financial accuracy and efficiency. Put your financial know-how to work with diverse accounting jobs near me, offering growth potential and competitive salaries.

  • And much more! We offer a variety of additional Professional & Business Services positions, including:

    • Human Resources specialists

    • Marketing professionals

    • Legal assistants

    • Project managers

    • Financial analysts

Professional Jobs Dallas
Professional Jobs Dallas

Services & Support

Skilled Trades & Light Industrial:

Sales & Marketing:

Dallas Nurse Positions
Dallas Nurse Positions

We connect passionate individuals with rewarding Service & Support careers that make a real impact. Whether you're drawn to providing compassionate care, delivering exceptional customer service, or supporting your community, we have the perfect opportunity to match your skills and aspirations.

Explore our diverse range of opportunities:

  • Patient Care Technician: Make a difference in the lives of others by providing essential support to patients in hospitals and clinics. Find fulfilling patient care technician positions that match your dedication and desire to help.

  • Nursing Positions Near Me: Join the in-demand healthcare field and utilize your expertise to care for others. Discover a variety of nursing positions near me including RNs, LPNs, and CNAs.

  • Customer Service Jobs: Deliver an exceptional experience and connect with people in meaningful ways. Explore diverse customer service jobs across various industries and utilize your communication skills to thrive.

  • Retail Jobs: Energize your career in a dynamic environment! Browse retail jobs with flexible schedules, growth opportunities, and a chance to connect with customers.

  • Substitute Teacher Jobs: Make a lasting impact on young minds and share your passion for learning. Find rewarding substitute teacher jobs offering flexible schedules and fulfilling experiences.

  • Security Guard Jobs: Maintain safety and security in diverse settings. Leverage your responsibility and vigilance to land exciting security guard jobs with competitive pay and career paths.

  • Hospitality Jobs: Create memorable experiences for guests and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Explore fulfilling hospitality jobs in hotels, restaurants, and more, offering flexibility and room for growth.

  • And much more! We offer additional Service & Support opportunities, including:

    • Social workers

    • Personal care aides

    • Transportation workers

    • Childcare providers

    • Warehouse associates

yellow and white plastic box lot
yellow and white plastic box lot

Looking to leverage your hands-on skills and build a rewarding career? Look no further! Dallas Workers Staffing Agency connects talented individuals with exciting opportunities in the Skilled Trades & Light Industrial sector. Whether you're a seasoned welder ready to tackle complex projects or an aspiring electrician seeking your first apprenticeship, we have the perfect match for your expertise and drive.

Explore our diverse range of opportunities:

  • Warehouse Jobs: Keep the supply chain moving and ensure efficient operations. Find diverse warehouse jobs that utilize your packing, picking, and order fulfillment skills.

  • Welding Jobs Near Me: Put your welding skills to work and build lasting structures. Discover challenging welding jobs near me offering competitive pay and opportunities for specialization.

  • Electrician Jobs: Design, install, and maintain electrical systems. Leverage your electrical knowledge and problem-solving skills to land fulfilling electrician jobs.

  • Plumber Jobs: Ensure proper water flow and sanitation systems. Utilize your plumbing expertise and attention to detail to find rewarding plumber jobs with growth potential.

  • Mechanic Jobs: Diagnose and repair vehicles to keep them running smoothly. Put your mechanical knowledge and hands-on skills to work with exciting mechanic jobs.

  • HVAC Technician Jobs: Install, maintain, and repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Discover HVAC technician jobs offering competitive pay and opportunities to impact energy efficiency.

  • And much more! We offer additional Skilled Trades & Light Industrial opportunities, including:

    • Carpenters

    • Millwrights

    • Machinists

    • Construction laborers

    • Production workers

Are you passionate about exceeding expectations and connecting with people? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment filled with new challenges and opportunities? Look no further than Dallas Worker's Sales & Marketing section! We connect driven individuals with exciting careers in various aspects of this ever-evolving field.

Explore your path to success:

  • Sales Jobs Near Me: Unleash your persuasive skills and achieve your earning potential. Find diverse sales jobs across industries, from entry-level positions to seasoned sales representatives.

  • Marketing Jobs: Shape brand awareness and drive customer engagement. Utilize your creativity and strategic thinking to land fulfilling marketing positions in various sectors.

  • Public Relations Jobs: Manage brand reputation and tell compelling stories. Leverage your communication skills and strategic mindset to find impactful public relations roles.

  • Event Planners Jobs: Create memorable experiences and master logistics. Put your organizational talents and passion for details to work with exciting event planner opportunities.

  • Customer Service Representative Jobs: Build relationships and provide exceptional service. Utilize your communication skills and empathy to thrive in rewarding customer service representative positions.

  • And much more! We offer additional Sales & Marketing opportunities, including:

    • Business development professionals

    • Social media specialists

    • Content creators

    • Market research analysts

    • Advertising specialists

two people shaking hands
two people shaking hands

About Us

At Dallas Workers, we connect diverse talent with exciting opportunities across a wide range of industries. Whether you're seeking immediate temporary work or a long-term career placement, we're here to help you find the perfect fit.

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer

If you are looking for the best temporary staffing near me, you've found it! Dallas Workers isn't just another staffing agency. We're a passionate team of recruitment experts dedicated to connecting talented individuals with fulfilling careers and empowering businesses to achieve their goals. We've built a strong reputation for our personalized approach, industry expertise, and commitment to ethical practices.

What makes us different?

  • We prioritize relationships: We take the time to understand your unique needs and career aspirations, whether you're a job seeker or an employer.

  • We specialize in Dallas & Ft. Worth: Our deep understanding of the local market allows us to connect you with the most relevant opportunities and talent.

  • We go beyond the resume: We assess your skills, experience, and cultural fit to ensure a successful match.

  • We believe in transparency: We communicate openly and honestly throughout the entire process.

  • We invest in success: We offer career development resources and training programs to help you reach your full potential.

For job seekers:

  • We offer a wide range of temporary, contract, and permanent positions across diverse industries.

  • We provide personalized job search guidance and coaching.

  • We help you negotiate competitive salaries and benefits.

  • We connect you with supportive mentors and networking opportunities.

For employers:

  • We source high-quality candidates that align with your specific needs and company culture.

  • We streamline your recruitment process, saving you time and resources.

  • We offer flexible staffing solutions to meet your changing needs.

  • We ensure compliance with all labor laws and regulations.

Our commitment to the community:

We believe in giving back to the community that has supported us.

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Dallas Workers helped me find my dream job in just a few weeks. The team was professional and supportive throughout the process.

I've hired multiple workers through Dallas Workers and have been impressed with the quality of candidates. Highly recommend!

The team at Dallas Workers is fantastic. They provided us with excellent candidates and made the hiring process seamless.

I was struggling to find reliable warehouse workers until I connected with Dallas Workers. They helped me find skilled and dedicated employees.

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